The Enchanted Alpaca is a family owned, Farm-to-Fashion retail
clothing store featuring alpaca clothing along with other natural
fiber clothes.  Owners Carol Thayer and Rick Daugherty, along with
their sons Greg, Joe and Will, have raised the furry little alpacas
since 1996, falling in love with their personalities, meditative
humming, and their sustainable, low-to-no impact on our cherished
planet. Abandoning city careers in 2003,  they opted for the more
progressive, outdoor energy of the Columbia River Gorge, settling in
the stunning valley of Glenwood, WA at the base of majestic Mt. Adams.

With hundreds of Mini-Fiber-Mills sprouting up nation-wide as a result
of alpaca farming, the owners saw the need to showcase beautiful
alpaca clothing products in a traditional, main street retail setting.
The store features all of their own alpaca clip from each year of
shearing (about 75 head), converted to wearable products by local hand
artists and US mini-mills.  In addition, they carry more advanced
textiles (not yet made in US) from Peru, custom-ordered coats,
sweaters, and blankets.  Many of the summer natural fabrics are from
US-made clothing companies.  Traveling to and meeting the families of
Peru who have honed the advanced skills to make the amazing textiles
was magical and life-changing -- and they support non-profit companies
that help these people to simply live.

The Enchanted Alpaca
314 Oak Street • Hood River, Oregon
(541)386-1240 •