Raised in the highest, harshest elevations of the Andes Mountains in Peru, Bolivia and Chile, alpaca has been called “The Royal Fiber of the Inca” because of its silky, buttery feel.  With the longest staple length, absence of prickly fibers, alpaca spins into the strongest, smoothest yarns possible with low microns.  The textiles made centuries ago are still as beautiful today as they were then, testifying to the staying power of alpaca garments. The exceptionally lightweight fabric is four times warmer than sheepwool and rivals cashmere for fineness, yet is one of the lightest weight, most breathable fabrics on earth.  The beauty of these designs and the sensual feel of the fabric are only part of the reason to buy alpaca -- the MAIN reason is the way it wears, warms, breathes and comforts. 

Pima Cotton
Pima is grown in unique and ideal climate and soil, close to the equator for sunshine in the northern Peruvian Valleys.  Harvested only by hand, they wait and collect the boils only when they reach a longer staple length, to give that strength to the spun yarn and smoothness to the fabric.  Pima is fully twice as long in staple length as other cotton, and is classified as a luxury fiber, growing softer with every washing and the passage of time.  Once you wear it, you will seek it out again! 

Organic Hemp
Hemp is truly a miracle plant:  Renowned as the strongest vegetable fiber on earth (and oldest plant used for fabric by early man), it requires no pesticides to grow. Hemp is soft and durable, and easily machine washable. Grown and used for centuries for sails, canvas, clothing, and paper (it produces 4x as much paper per acre as trees!) this incredible fiber is earth-friendly and will last for generations.

Organic Bamboo
Natural fiber from the most sustainable, rapidly-reproducing plant on earth that requires no pesticides to grow, bamboo clothing is sensual and soothing to the skin, cooling you in the heat of summer, warming you in winter.  Wicking away moisture and being quick-drying, this fabric is renowned for its antibacterial properties and breathability!! 

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