Blonde Velvet & Me

We operate our own herd of 100 alpacas in Glenwood, WA (Blonde Velvet & Me) and our breeding decisions are dictated by producing exquisitely fine fleece with long staple.  From our prime clip (in only natural colors) we offer royal blankets woven at Quail Run Mill in Spokane, WA.  Our neck and belly fiber is processed into gorgeous 100% alpaca woven rugs at Ingrid’s Rugs in Texas. 

We select for quality, originality of fashion and wearability, as well as sustainable, fair trade practices that honor Mother Earth.  Nearly all of these products can be ordered in any size we do not have immediately on hand.  Please enjoy our unique store and let us know how we can help you!


Made exclusively from our own alpaca herd’s fiber clip each year, these luxurious 100% baby alpaca blankets are spun and woven at a Mini-Mill in Spokane Washington.  No dyes - just natural alpaca in the rich colors they grow!  Instant  warmth in  winter  that  feels  like  a cross between butter and silk, these make an exquisite wedding gift or are the perfect gift for an aging  parent that needs light-weight warmth!

The Alpaca Industry in the US is now contracting with Pendleton Woolen Mills to create beautiful 100% USA grown alpaca blankets - watch for this addition in the store before the Holidays! Much of the alpaca fleece produced here in the Columbia Gorge is in these blankets!  Our fleece from our herd is also used in many of the hand knit, hand felted pieces throughout the store.

Blonde Velvet & Me, Glenwood, WA
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